On May 28, economist Steve Hanke* of the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore joined the McAlvany Weekly Commentary. This is the podcast with David McAlvany and Kevin Orrick …

ECAEF/CEPROM Conference | Topic: Towards a Viable Alternative – Markets and Entrepreneurship to Protect the Environment …

Carlos A. Gebauer (Dinner Speech): Keine Biofortifikation ohne Intelligenzfortifikation   <- Download    Henry I. Miller: Tales of Woe: How Regulation Has Destroyed Entire Sectors of Biotechnology   <- Download    Klaus Ammann: Überforderte Gesetzgeber: Was unterscheidet konventionelles und genomisches Züchten?   <- Download    Agnes Ricroch: Only Evidence Matters! Towards a Rational Dialogue on […]

Vaduz, May 17, 2019. The 15th international Gottfried von Haberler Conference took place at University of Liechtenstein. This year’s topic: When Naive Presumptions prompt Hasty Judgments – On the Benefits and Problems of Genetic Engineering. The event was organized and hosted by ECAEF (European Center of Austrian Economics Foundation). Support came from the University and multiple local and international sponsors. You can download the speeches / essays held at the Conference right here …

Information – data – is supposed to be the critical “raw material” for the economy, business and society heading into the future. We must therefore conclude that data have value. We know from experience that if goods and services are not scarce or do not have a price, they will be spoiled or misused. Damaging […]

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