Kurt R. Leube

The wisdom that people lose their freedom as soon as words begin to lose their meaning can easily be traced back at least to Confucius (551-479BC) or Aristotle (384-322BC). About 2,000 years later among many other thinkers, it was Thomas Hobbes (1588-1679) who observed that reality becomes intelligible only through clear and uncorrupted words, and […]

On Central Banks, Inflation and the Case for Competing Currencies. An Introduction of next years’ XVII. International Gottfried v. Haberler Conference 2023. I For centuries on end, roughly all governments have acquired and reserved for themselves the power of monopoly for the creation and issuance of money. Over time the ruling classes discovered and developed […]

It is 2022, and lest we forget one of the most seminal minds and audacious scholars of our time, we should recall some lesser known qualities of Friedrich A. von Hayek …

Obituary for Antonio Martino “Essere liberale oggi significa saper essere conservatore, quando si tratta di difendere libertà già acquisite, e radicale, quando si tratta di conquistare spazi di libertà ancora negati. Reazionario per recuperare libertà che sono andate smarrite, rivoluzionario quando la conquista della libertà non lascia spazio ad al altrettante alternative. E progressista sempre, […]

Zum 100. Todestag von Carl Menger (Feb. 26, 1921) – Begründer der österreichischen Schule der Nationalökonomie Beitrag von Kurt R. Leube ECAEF | European Center for Austrian Economics Foundation, Vaduz Unter den drei grossen Gelehrten, denen in den 1870er Jahren fast gleichzeitig aber doch gänzlich unabhängig, die Formulierung der Grenznutzentheorie gelang, war der Österreicher Carl […]

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