Kurt R. Leube

  Democracy has not proved to be a certain protection against tyranny and oppression, as once it was hoped. Nevertheless, as a convention which enables any majority to rid itself of a government it does not like, democracy is an inestimable value.   Friedrich A. von Hayek (1899-1992)   TAKE AWAY Nach F.A. von Hayek […]

  True education is not about filling the mind with knowledge, but about training it to think. Wilhelm von Humboldt (1767-1835)     TAKE AWAY Though participating 15 year old students must be able to apply their accumulated knowledge to solve problems, the kind of input/output methods used in the PISA Study always have been […]

The subtitle of this essay has been borrowed from Terry L. Anderson’s conference on ‘Markets vs. Mandates. Promoting Environmental Quality and Economic Prosperity’, Hoover Institution, Stanford University, Jan. 30, 2023. Permission granted. Take Away The scarcity of means to satisfy given ends is an omnipresent condition of life and all conscious human actions profoundly affect […]

  Eines der versprechendsten grossen Bücher, die einen Neudruck verdienen würden, ist wahrscheinlich von Mises’ Nationalökonomie. Theorie des Handelns und Wirtschaftens (1940). Durch sein Erscheinungsdatum ist es in Deutschland praktisch unbekannt geblieben, aber doch die einzige Version, in der Mises’ eigene Sprache erhalten ist. Friedrich A. von Hayek* Take Away Ludwig von Mises’ grosse Leistung […]

Take away Due to its liberal constitution of 1853 and dependable noninterventionist policies between the 1860s and the end of WWI, Argentina enjoyed its most prosperous period yet.  By 1913 Argentina was a free market-oriented powerhouse and ranked among the world’s ten richest countries per capita with an advanced educational system and a comparatively well-developed […]

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