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  Hardy Bouillon*: Business Ethics and the Austrian Tradition in Economics. Routledge, London, 2021. Originally published in German as “Wirtschaft, Ethik und Gerechtigkeit”, vol. IX, ECAEF, “Studien zur Wirtschafts- und Gesellschaftsordnung”. I This book is not politically correct and thus will almost certainly provoke some heated debates. In the course of four short chapters, with concluding […]

  At first blush, the Chinese economy is doing relatively well. Although annual gross domestic product (GDP) growth averaged 10 percent during the first decade of this century and dropped to about 7 percent during the next, it was remarkably strong during the pandemic and is expected to reach 5 percent this year. These are […]

  When Worldcoin, the biometric cryptocurrency project, launched on July 24, 2023, three years after its inception, it was met with criticism and concern in most Western nations. In quite a few emerging economies, however, the predominant sentiment was relief. This is because that is where the 2.3 million people who had already sold their […]

The United States appears unable to put forth functional candidates for the 2024 presidential election aside from Joe Biden, the incumbent who is 81 years old and showing his frailty, and former President Donald Trump, who himself is 77 years old. That makes the world wonder. European leaders are particularly concerned about the prospect of […]

  Increasing inequality is a hot topic in many developed countries, especially among younger generations. Many have suggested that higher tax rates at the top income level would solve the problem. French economist Thomas Piketty, for example, advocates for this solution not necessarily because it would increase government revenue and redistribute income, but primarily because […]

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