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  The widespread adoption of non-financial standards for assessing economic performance, often called ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) criteria, appears to have had an impact on financial markets, one that is diffuse and hard to measure. The implications of this shift to a rigid yet vague system of evaluation could be especially challenging for African […]

  In the post-pandemic era, governments around the world are again struggling with high debt loads and persistent annual deficits in a kind of twisted homage to the post-2008 fiscal crises. As history stumbles toward repeating itself, the period following the global financial crisis can be instructive for policymakers grappling with new budgetary realities. Responding […]

The European Union’s three top jobs were assigned prior to the vote of the European Council. It happened at a meeting of the leaders of Germany and France and the three traditional factions of the European Parliament: the European People’s Party, the Social Democrats and the so-called liberals (mainly French President Emmanuel Macron’s party). This small, select […]

  We are living in the age of inflation. Although inflation has existed in one form or another since the beginning of the monetary economy, no economic system has ever institutionalized and perpetuated the devaluation of money to the same extent as the system we live in today. According to the official inflation figures from the United […]

  Last December, when Milei became President of Argentina, his Minister of Economics, Luis Caputo, implemented a transitory plan to (a) clean up the central bank’s balance sheet and (b) remove all capital controls (cepo cambiario), paving the way for a more permanent monetary regime. It was implicitly suggested that by mid-2024, the transitory plan […]

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