Prince Michael of Liechtenstein

Last week, Washington finally allowed Ukraine to use American equipment to attack some targets inside Russia. Heeding the signal from the United States, Chancellor Olaf Scholz dropped his resistance and approved the same for German-made weapons. The Western approach to foreign and security policy in Europe consistently follows three principles: ignore the problem and do nothing, make the wrong […]

Last week, China’s President Xi Jinping undertook a five-day tour of Europe, visiting France, Serbia and Hungary. This selection of host countries might appear odd at first, but it hides a double strategy. Officially, Mr. Xi made commemoration calls: in France, he highlighted its recognition of the People’s Republic of China 60 years ago; in […]

  The Houthi rebels in Yemen announced that they may no longer limit themselves merely to attacking ships in the Red Sea – they might also carry out missile strikes in the Mediterranean. This escalation presents an additional threat for Europe, yet reactions are, for now, minimal in European capitals. The war in Ukraine dominates […]

  Freedom and the rule of law are of paramount importance in free societies. A functioning democracy is likely the best system for preserving these values. At present, there is perceived antagonism between democracies and authoritarian regimes. Although this may not fully capture the complexity of global politics, it is evident that the free world […]

The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) last week found Switzerland in violation of human rights in a ruling for “KlimaSeniorinnen,” a group of elderly Swiss women concerned about the climate. The plaintiffs claimed that every individual is owed protection from the state against the damaging consequences of climate change to their health, well-being and […]

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