Prince Michael of Liechtenstein

The old “Great Game,’’ dating back to the 19th century struggle over Central Asia and Russian access to the Indian Ocean, is experiencing a renaissance. Then, the Russian Empire started to gain control in Central Asia from the north and the west, while the British Empire approached from the south, through the Indian subcontinent. The […]

A terrible earthquake struck southeastern Turkey and Syria on February 6, killing at least 40,000 people as the search for victims goes on and casualties are sure to mount. Infrastructure, including thousands of homes, has been destroyed in many towns and villages. Information on the disaster in Syria is more limited. Access for relief organizations and delivery of […]

Europe’s economic engine is sputtering, and real growth rates are shrinking. With a few exceptions, this is the case all over the old continent. Europe has all the ingredients of success: a well-educated population, great scientific institutions and universities and a wide range of successful companies, especially owner-managed family businesses and hidden champions. Despite that, […]

We are living in a time of immense geopolitical shifts. This is not surprising, as change is a normal occurrence. However, there are periods when changes take place more rapidly and on a larger scale. Shifts in geopolitics can be driven by a variety of factors, including technological, demographic, and environmental developments, as well as […]

In crisis, democratic citizens must not exchange their freedom for safety falsely promised by power-hogging governments.  Most of what we hear regarding the coming year is about risks. Risk and pessimism have been the focal points of public discussion. Many in Europe fear their children will not enjoy as good a life as they have […]

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