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The XVIII. International Gottfried von Haberler Conference 2024 occurred on May 17th, 2024 at the University of Liechtenstein.

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Conference Program: May 17, 2024

Session I: On the State Control of Educational Matters. Chair: Peter Fischer (CH)


Michael Esfeld (CH) -> On free society and free education
Martin Krause (ARG) -> On the decentralization of an education system. Argentina case 


Peter FISCHER -> On the state control of educational matters
Michael ESFELD -> On free society and free education
Martin KRAUSE -> On the decentralization of an education system

Session II: Privatize Education: Ideas and Arguments. Chair: Peter Fischer 


Claudia Wirz (CH) ->The ideologization of public schools and its sad consequences
Neal McCluskey (USA) -> School choice: Arguments for and against


Claudia Wirz -> Ideologization of the public schools
Neal McCluskey -> School Choice: common tensions

Session III: Privatize Education: Examples and Applications. Chair: Michael Wohlgemuth (D)


Pauline Dixon (UK) -> Private schools for the poor in developing countries
Erik Lakomaa (S) -> The Swedish voucher system: Pros and cons


Michael Wohlgemuth -> Privatize education! Introduction
Pauline Dixon -> Private schools in developing countries
Erik Lakomaa -> The Swedish school voucher system



Neal McCluskey talks with Karl-Peter Schwarz

Michael Esfeld im Talk Karl-Peter Schwarz

Interview Erik Lakomaa




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