Today’s irresponsible economic policies are repeating historical mistakes, risking catastrophic consequences similar to those experienced in the past. In November 1923, a century ago, Germany’s post-war inflation reached its peak. One kilogram of rye bread was priced at 223 billion marks, and beef prices had soared past the trillion mark. Post-war Germany was facing exorbitant […]

The fight against inflation has produced encouraging results: according to the latest reports, core inflation was 4.1 percent in September in the United States (4.8 percent in June), 4.2 percent in October the eurozone (5.5 percent in June) and 6.1 percent in the United Kingdom (6.9 percent in June). This is the good news. The […]

  In contrast with earlier predictions, most pundits now believe that the fight against inflation will not produce widespread recession. Current worries focus on the consequences of the Chinese slowdown rather than on the performance of the Western economies. Yet, growth in the West remains far from stellar. In the United States, gross domestic product […]

Since the end of World War II, the United States dollar has reigned as the global currency par excellence. The 1944 Bretton Woods Agreement anchored all major currencies to the dollar, which in turn was tethered to gold. However, gold was not particularly convertible, and the ceremonial link between the dollar and gold served primarily […]

While the U.S. and the euro area appear to have avoided the worst, much depends on how central banks will react to unanticipated news in the coming months.   Inflation is still high, but under control – or so the world of business and financial markets believes. In the euro area, year-on-year consumer prices rose […]

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