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Governments first failed to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. When they finally realized the scope of the challenge, most resorted to misguided, self-serving and often disastrous policy responses. Their push for centralization and control of economies, companies and ultimately, individuals, bodes ill for the future. The disease started in Wuhan, a city in the Hubei […]

Environmental, Social and Governance heisst der neue Hype in der Finanzwelt. Was immer gemeint ist: Hauptsache Reibach …

Relevance Beyond the Crisis: Economic Outlook Scenarios | GIS Statement by Henrique Schneider …

Öffnet endlich wieder Kaufhof und Karstadt! | Was dem Bürger Toilettenpapier und Nudeln, sind der Politik derzeit offenbar Kontaktverbot und Warenhausschließung. Denn ebenso maßlos, wie die Deutschen zu Beginn der „Corona-Krise“ ganze Wagenladungen von Hygienepapier aus den Geschäften trugen, scheint sich die deutsche Politik inzwischen ungehemmt durch das gesamte gesellschaftliche Leben zu administrieren. Gastwirte, Hoteliers, Gewerbetreibende, […]

The following downloadable essay explores possibilities and limitations of applying blockchain distributed ledger technology to select aspects of the Paris Agreement, especially to issues under Article 6 (and, where relevant, Articles 4, and 13). Through the application of blockchain, double counting (and similar concerns) can be mitigated while making reporting, tracking and managing corresponding adjustments […]

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