Terry Anderson

The globe is warming, ice caps are melting, and sea levels are creeping up. The most convincing evidence to an economist, however, is not measurement with thermometers or yardsticks but the fact that people are reacting to price changes, whether the result of government policies or the result of asset markets. Market forces are causing […]

Deb Haaland, a Native American, is now the secretary of the Department of the Interior. The department houses the Bureau of Indian Affairs, the agency for relations with Indian tribes. Chief Justice John Marshall referred to these groups in 1832 as “domestic dependent nations.” In that same decision, Marshall declared the relationship of Indians to […]

Nature and Markets: The Case for Enviropreneurs – by Terry L. Anderson

“This short paper by Terry L. Anderson (Hoover Institution, Stanford University) will be presented at the Opening Dinner for the III. ECAEF/CEPROM Jacques Rueff Memorial Conference on “Concurrent Currencies: Curse or Cure?”. December 5, 2018 in Monaco. For a detailed program, please visit ceprom-conference-monaco-2018 “The real world is a special case with which economists seldom deal.” […]

13th Gottfried-von-Haberler Conference in Vaduz, May 19, 2017 Modern environmentalism and neo-classical economics have more in common than is often thought, but the commonalities too often cloud how markets and the environment can be productively linked. The commonalities include a focus on equilibrium systems and on the inability of humans to integrate into those systems. […]

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