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   Wer an die Geschichte herantritt wie der Staatsanwalt an die Akten eines Kriminalfalles, um daraus Material für Anklagen zu gewinnen, der sollte lieber davon bleiben. Ludwig von Mises I Nation, Staat und Wirtschaft. Beiträge zur Politik und Geschichte der Zeit, ursprünglich bei Manz (1919) in Wien auf brüchigem Nachkriegspapier gedruckt, erschien im selben Jahr […]

Artificial intelligence is set to reshape human life and social interactions. A critical question is whether these changes will occur gradually, or if we will encounter a transformative tipping point – potentially, one coming very soon. Geoffrey Hinton, a world leader in AI development and the technologies behind ChatGPT, recently quit his post at Google. He […]

Following the 2008-2009 global financial crisis, policymakers unintentionally created a regulatory gap that gave nonbanks – enterprises without a banking license that are allowed to offer some banking services – a considerable competitive advantage over banks. It is a problem that is now coming back to haunt them. Fifteen years ago, all eyes were on […]

As the NATO summit starts in Vilnius, just next door, in Belarus, Russian tactical nuclear weapons are being deployed, and there is uncertainty over the presence of the notorious Wagner Group militia units there. So, as Western leaders such as United States President Joe Biden, Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and all other NATO leaders […]

While the U.S. and the euro area appear to have avoided the worst, much depends on how central banks will react to unanticipated news in the coming months.   Inflation is still high, but under control – or so the world of business and financial markets believes. In the euro area, year-on-year consumer prices rose […]

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