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  School choice – allowing public funding to go to privately operated educational options chosen by parents, versus going only to assigned schools created and controlled by government – is an international phenomenon. Many countries have adopted choice to varying degrees to defuse religious conflicts. Others have sought free-market efficacy. Many have seen free-market education […]

  Mit der Regelmässigkeit eines Schweizer Uhrwerks kehrt sie wieder, die öffentliche Empörung über die schockierend schlechten Pisa-Ergebnisse im deutschsprachigen Raum. In der Schweiz, in Deutschland und in Österreich zeigen die Pisa-Erhebungen bereits über viele Jahre hinweg immer dasselbe ramponierte Bild. In der Schweiz erreichen 19 Prozent der 15-Jährigen die von der OECD beschriebenen Mindestanforderungen […]

  Abstract Argentina has exported very few positive news in the last century, if any. Headlines at the international press would every now and then point to a new economic crisis, high inflation, devaluation of the currency and political turmoil. Although a middle-income country, it used to be among the top countries at the start […]

A speech given during XVIII. Gottfried von Haberler Conference on May 17, 2024 Summary This lecture is based on the contrast between the classical liberal idea on the one hand and the idea of Platonism or scientism on the other. The classical liberal idea is to recognize every human being as a person with fundamental […]

Last week, China’s President Xi Jinping undertook a five-day tour of Europe, visiting France, Serbia and Hungary. This selection of host countries might appear odd at first, but it hides a double strategy. Officially, Mr. Xi made commemoration calls: in France, he highlighted its recognition of the People’s Republic of China 60 years ago; in […]

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