Markets and Entrepreneurship – What are the Challenges?

With the following splendid introduction Peter A. Fischer* opened this years IV. CEPROM/ECAEF Conference in Monaco. This international conference series is designed, planned and organized by ECAEF, European Center for Austrian Economics Foundation, chartered in the Principality of Liechtenstein.

Markets and Entrepreneurship – What are the Challenges?

by Peter A. Fischer

* Peter A. Fischer is Economics-Editor-in-chief at Neue Zürcher Zeitung (NZZ) in Switzerland.

List of all Papers of the Conference

Kurt Leube:
Towards a Viable Alternative (.docx)

Terry L. Anderson:
Nature and Markets (.docx)

Johan Norberg:
Apocalypes Not (.docx)

Alex Kaiser:
Saving Nature from Politics (.docx)

Hardy Bouillon:
On the Misuse of Reason and Science (.docx)

Henrique Schneider:
Climate Change and Global Governance (.docx)

Pedro Schwartz:
The Tragedy of the Commons and Emerging Property Rights