Anthony de Jasay Prize Winner

Anthony de Jasay
Anthony de Jasay, 90

Anthony de Jasay Prize Winner | Not only in celebration of Anthony de Jasay’s 90th birthday, but foremost in appreciation of his seminal and exceptional works on defending individual liberty by challenging the legitimacy of states and unchecked ‘democratic’ governments, the ECAEF has established the “ECAEF Prize for Thinkers for the 3rd Millennium”.  With this prize we intend to raise the awareness for Anthony de Jasay’s oeuvre and to engage the audience to further discuss these vital questions of our times. As incontestably the world’s leading exponent of classical liberalism, the ECAEF is very  proud to award him the first “ECAEF Prize for Thinkers for the 3rd Millennium”.

Anthony de Jasay (born Jászay Antal, 1925) is a Hungarian-born philosopher and economist known for his anti-statist writings.