Vernon Smith Prize 2016 – The Essays

Vernon Smith Prize 2016 | On February 6, 2017 the winners of last year’s essay competition did defend their papers at a special event in Vaduz (Principality of Liechtenstein). The essays of the three winners can read and downloaded here:

First Prize (€4,000): Karol Zdybel, Poland

Direct Democracy versus Representative Democracy. Cost and Benefits for the Citizenry
(PDF, 229 kb)

Second Prize (€3,000): Alan Futerman, Argentina

The Hayekian Case for Direct Democracy
(PDF, 527 kb)

Third Prize (€2,000): Mark O’Kane, Great Britain

Direct Democracy versus Representative Democracy: Cost and Benefits for the Citizenry
(PDF, 106 kb)

The 9th International Vernon Smith Prize for the Advancement of Austrian Economics was an essay competition sponsored and organized by ECAEF European Center of Austrian Economics Foundation, Vaduz (Principality of Liechtenstein). Topic of 2016: ‘Direct Democracy versus Representative Democracy. Cost and Benefits for the Citizenry!’

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