Topic and Date of next Haberler Conference announced

haberler conference 2014

“We shall all be the gainers if we can create a world fit for small states to live in.” – Friedrich von Hayek

The XI. Gottfried von Haberler-Conference will take place on Friday, May 29, 2015 at Hochschule Liechtenstein in Vaduz. Topic: “Seid umschlungen Millionen? – Der Würgegriff grosser Staaten” (English: “Small is beautiful! Downsize the States, Empower the People!”). It will be organized and hosted by ECAEF – European Center of Austrian Economics Foundation, in co-operation with Hochschule Liechtenstein – supported by multiple local and international sponsors. Simultaneous German/English translation both ways will be provided.  A detailed conference schedule is about to be published here at as soon as it is available.

Our Partners

Liechtenstein Academy | private, educational foundation (FL)
Altas Network | economic research foundation (USA)
Austrian Economics Center | Promoting a free, responsible and prosperous society (Austria)
Berlin Manhatten Institute | non-profit Think Tank (Germany) | Buecher fuer den Liberalismus (Germany)
Cato Institute | policy research foundation (USA)
Center for the New Europe | research foundation (Belgium)
Forum Ordnungspolitik
Friedrich Naumann Stiftung
George Mason University
Heartland Institute
Hayek Institut
Hoover Institution
Istituto Bruno Leoni
Institut Václava Klause
Instytut Misesa
IREF | Institute of Economical and Fiscal Research
Johns Hopkins Institute for Applied Economics, Global Health, and the Study of Business Enterprise | an interdivisional Institute between the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences, and the Whiting School of Engineering
Liberales Institut
Liberty Fund
Ludwig von Mises Institute
New York University | Dept. of Economics (USA)
Stockholm Network
Students for Liberty
Swiss Mises Institute
Universidad Francisco Marroquin