The implementation of central bank digital currencies as the primary medium of exchange would exacerbate the flaws of our current fiat system which encourage banks to overextend credit and create liabilities that they cannot redeem. This will worsen the already recurring cycles of financial crises, writes Vibhu Vikramaditya. The Bank of England recently proposed a […]

TAKE AWAY Current efforts intercept an estimated 0.1 percent of laundered money Compliance costs for financial institutions topped $274 billion in 2022 A more sophisticated approach will use the latest technologies   Money laundering needs to be combated effectively. Terrorists, illegal arms dealers, traffickers, drug cartels, corrupt politicians, kleptocratic regimes and all sorts of other […]

  On Friday at night I mount the skis on my car and then I go To the Stubaital or Zell am See Because there on the mountains above there’s always plenty of snow… Because I want to go skiing! Because skiing is the most fun of all (= “leiwandste”)! Wolfgang Ambros, Schifoan   “Schifoan”(= […]

Ronnie Stoeferle: “This quarter’s advisory board we want to welcome our special guest, Lyn Alden. Lyn is a widely followed macroeconomic analyst who provides research for retail and institutional investors. Her focus is on the analysis of monetary systems and energy markets.” We discuss: 5:30 Why Lyn called her book “Broken Money”. 15:50 How Lyn’s […]

  Key Take Aways:  Lyn’s new book, “Broken Money”, explores the past, present, and future of money through a technological Emphasizing the impact of inventions like the telegraph on monetary history, the book delves into the evolving nature of currency, from credit theories to contemporary innovations like Bitcoin, stable coins, and the potential for global […]

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