by Dr. Carole Nakhle*   CCS is one of the solutions necessary for reaching global climate goals The technology can make fossil fuel extraction cleaner and more efficient Costs are high, while varying market conditions create uncertainty Reaching the necessary capacity to help reduce climate change looks unlikely There is no single magic bullet for […]

Demography is Diversity.  Diversity is being driven by demography.  The dramatic change in the U.S. population from 88.3% White in 1940 to a projected 42.6% White in 2060 (Whites will cease being a majority sometime around 2042-45) must necessarily change the composition and leadership of nearly every American organization and institution.I have raised a number […]

An economy is a complex, interactive structure. On one side, it engages suppliers and providers of goods and services; intermediaries such as trading companies, the transport industry and the financial system; and, finally, on the other side, consumers. It is a matrix of collaboration involving millions of agents with differing interests and business models …

On February 4, the 11th Vernon Smith Prize was awarded in Vaduz, Liechtenstein. The award ceremony took place in the Hofkellerei Vaduz. In their essays, the young contenders dealt with the pros and cons of genetic engineering. The winner was the Argentine Sebastian Ariel Abella. Students from all over the world wrote essays in the […]

Some notes and high points by Steve H. Hanke* About the Series | The Studies in Applied Economics series is under the general direction of Prof. Steve H. Hanke, Co-Director of The Johns Hopkins Institute for Applied Economics, Global Health, and the Study of Business Enterprise. Commodity and Foreign Exchange Trading. Some Notes and High […]

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