In a panicked world, critical thinking is essential

The world is focused on the pandemic and the U.S. elections, and the dire scenarios many say they will bring. While both are important, it is crucial to understand that reacting with alarm will only lead to bad outcomes. Not considering solutions in a levelheaded manner puts individual freedoms at risk.

As they try to protect themselves from the Covid-19 pandemic, societies may be running toward an even bigger danger (source: GIS)

The Covid-19 pandemic and the presidential election in the United States have completely absorbed the attention of the Western world. The panic surrounding the coronavirus is blinding societies to other critical issues and leads them to adopt measures that limit personal freedom. In the U.S. election campaign, each side is predicting disaster if the other side wins. Trust in the checks and balances that the U.S. Constitution provides is faltering.

Unfortunately, dogmatic thinking dominates both the media and politics. Certain ideas have been declared “alternativlos,” to use German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s preferred mantra – they must be adopted by all, because there is no alternative.

At times like these,
some independent thinking is necessary.

There are always alternatives. The danger of ‘groupthink’ Many worry that Covid-19 – to paraphrase Klaus Schwab, the founder of the World Economic Forum – is humankind’s greatest catastrophe since World War II. Societies are now willing to tolerate any means to contain the disease, regardless of whether it violates constitutions, laws or personal freedoms …

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In a panicked world, critical thinking is essential

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