Goodbye freedom, democracy and the rule of law

By declaring a state of climate emergency, the European Parliament opened the door to excessive measures that could ultimately violate individual freedoms and erode democracy in the European Union. The climate debate has become a political means to implement a populist agenda.

Many environmental activists insist that free market systems are incompatible with the protection of the environment (source: GIS)
Many environmental activists insist that free market systems are incompatible with the protection of the environment (source: GIS)

It is imperative to fight pollution and waste and ensure clean air and water. Yet it is no less important to uphold individual freedom, the rule of law and other values such as personal privacy and property rights.

Parliaments are tasked with representing the interests of the citizens. It is their duty to prevent governments and administrations from abusing their power, limiting individual rights, or compromising the prosperity of the country for political reasons. Therefore, parliaments should also make sure that public spending is limited to essential expenditures, and that budget regulations and taxes do not become excessive.

Blind activism

We are currently bombarded with apocalyptic news about climate change. NGOs have become the high priests of a climate religion and they warn that humanity will end unless extreme targets are reached – at any cost, including legal, economic, social and even environmental consequences. As a result, harmful practices are adopted: cultivation based on unscientific and excessive principles, which damages sustainable forests and lands; uneconomical recycling because of overregulation; consumer protection measures leading to waste; and enforced use of electric cars while the pollution caused by their batteries has yet to be solved. People who disagree with these claims are intimidated verbally or even physically. Schoolchildren, misled by the alarmist disinformation, demonstrate in crusade-like rallies …

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Goodbye Freedom, Democracy and the Rule of Law

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