From Vaccination to Gene Therapy

Interview with Dr. Therese of Liechtenstein*. Recorded at the 15th Gottfried-von-Haberler Conference 2019 in Vaduz.

“From Vaccination to Gene Therapy: What does modern Biotechnology do?” – Recording of Therese of Liechtenstein’s talk:

*Princess Therese of Liechtenstein (PhD in Cancer Immunology and Immunotherapy at University College London) is currently managing strategic projects at the Healthcare Strategy Realization Office of Merck KGaA in Darmstadt. Prior to this she worked as a manager at Industrie- und Finanzkontor in Vaduz, Liechtenstein, a leader in the field of wealth preservation.
She held this talk at the 15th International Gottfried-von-Haberler Conference which took place on May 17, 2019 in Vaduz, at University of Liechtenstein. Conference Topic: “When Naive Presumptions prompt Hasty Judgments: On the Benefits and Problems of Genetic Engineering” (German: “Wenn Vermutungen zum Urteil werden: Die Gentechnologie am Pranger”). The event was organized and hosted by ECAEF – European Center of Austrian Economics Foundation.