Essays in Honor of Terry L. Anderson

On August 14, Terry Anderson was handed a celebratory volume of ‘Save the Environment – Unleash the Markets’ comprising original essays commendable to honor Terry L. Anderson. The content of the book shows the profound international appreciation of Anderson’s seminal academic work in free market environmentalism and his unwavering commitment to private property rights.

Save the Environment – Unleash the Markets. Essays in honor of Terry L. Anderson ...
Save the Environment – Unleash the Markets. Essays in honor of Terry L. Anderson …

The title of the Festschrift reflects well his personal credo:  ‘Save the Environment – Unleash the Markets’. Anderson is a featured speaker at the International Gottfried von Haberler Conferences in Liechtenstein (LI) and the ECAEF/CEPROM Conferences in Monaco (MC). Both internationally renown conference series are organized by the European Center of Austrian Economics Foundation (ECAEF). 

This academic Festschrift was put together by ECAEF with support of the Liechtenstein Academy and the publishing house TvR in Jena.

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