Christianity, Marxism, and free society

Despite the death and destruction wrought by Marxist governments, the ideology is enjoying something of a resurgence these days. As troubling as that is, perhaps even more shocking is the rapid rise in anti-Christian sentiment. Both trends are a danger to freedom, but together, they make an even more alarming mix

Christianity, Marxism, and free society (source: GIS)
Despite the death and destruction wrought by Marxist governments, the ideology is enjoying something of a resurgence (source: GIS)

Marxism has led to more murder than any other ideology in human history. Including the famines brought on by the planned starvation in the Soviet Union (in Ukraine especially) and China (as part of the “Great Leap Forward”) the number of politically motivated killings easily passes 100 million. The purges ordered by Joseph Stalin and Mao Zedong were horrifying, but they were by no means the only such instances. In other communist countries, a tragic amount of blood has been spilled in the name of Marxism. The barbaric regime of Pol Pot in Cambodia, which massacred nearly a quarter of the country’s population, comes to mind.

Both Communism and National Socialism are inhuman ideologies. Besides all of the death they have caused and their use of the term “socialist” to describe their views, they share something else in common: a hatred of Christianity, especially the Catholic Church.

Here it must be noted that although the Catholic Church did have official relations with Nazi Germany, it remained in strong opposition to its policies, especially on race and ethnicity. Many Catholic priests were imprisoned in concentration camps. The official stance of the party and its leadership was fiercely anti-Catholic. The only reason the Nazis did not persecute Catholics more than they did, was because they feared it would weaken the war effort …

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Christianity, Marxism, and free society

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