Prince Michael of Liechtenstein

  Election campaigns in the United States can often have a more disruptive impact on foreign policy than the candidate who wins. The president’s discretion in international relations is constrained by political realities. Yet, during the race, incumbents make decisions deemed necessary in case of defeat and take actions aimed at swaying voters. The ongoing […]

Javier Milei, Argentina’s new president and an economist, presented his free-market agenda at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. He urged global leaders to shift away from socialist, centralized and planned economies with bloated governments and again to embrace market-driven systems and transparent governance. His country’s unending drama underscores Mr. Milei’s radical reform argument. […]

  2024 began with a significant and necessary movement in Germany. Farmers, backed by other self-employed workers and part of the transportation sector, initiated nationwide protests against the government. They blocked roads, brought hundreds of tractors to Berlin and engaged in various other forms of protest. Germany, being the largest European economy, plays a pivotal […]

  2023 will be remembered for its tumultuous wars and fervent activism, yet it was marred by a wide lack of outcomes, potentially rendering it a “lost year” in history. The tension between Western powers and their adversaries, China and Russia, persisted without fundamental shifts despite lots of strategic maneuvering. Conflicts in Ukraine, the Middle East, the Horn of Africa and the Congo trudged on unabated. In the welfare […]

  “Historic!” trumpeted Thierry Breton, the European Commissioner for Internal Market, in a statement extolling new comprehensive regulations over artificial intelligence (AI) that in his words would make Europe “the first continent to set clear rules” for the technology. The assumption is that the European Union, having approved the rules in December, is blazing a trail […]

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