3rd International Vernon Smith Prize

3rd International Vernon Smith Prize

The Winners of the 3rd International Vernon Smith Prize 2010 for the advancement of Austrian Economics are:

First Prize EUR 4,000: Marcin Zielinski (Poland) for his essay on “Monetary Stability and Currency Competition”.

Second Prize EUR 3,000: Marc Gruen (Germany) for his essay Concurrent Currencies: A Choice in Money to Solve the Crisis?”.

Third Prize EUR 2,000: Dallas Wood (USA) for his essay on “Competing Currencies – A Hayekian Solution to a Keynesian Problem”.

Inspired by F.A. von Hayek the topic of our 3rd International Vernon Smith Prize was: “Concurrent Currencies: A Choice in Money to Solve the Crisis?” ECAEF invited papers on this topic in English from individuals of up to 30 years of age. The deadline for all entries was November 30, 2010, but has been extended until Januar 16, 2011. Prizes were not transferable and have been awarded on the basis of originality, grasp of subject, and the logical consistence of the argument. Essays were judged by an international jury and the winners were honored at a special event in Vaduz, Principality of Liechtenstein, on February 28, 2011.

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