Argentine President Javier Milei has postponed the implementation of his much-anticipated dollarization plan. Some commentators, including Steve Forbes, have urged Milei to pick up the pace before it’s too late. Is it too late for Argentina to dollarize? One major concern with Argentina’s dollarization plan is whether the government actually has enough dollars to convert […]

Following Sunday’s election results, Javier Milei is set to become the president of Argentina on December 10. Among other things, president-elect Milei has vowed to replace the peso with the US dollar, a policy known as dollarization. Some critics have argued that dollarization will deplete the Argentine central bank’s US dollar reserves, which would make […]

  One of Argentina’s most frequently raised objections to dollarization is the immediate concern of a potential bank run. If deposits were to be dollarized without a sufficient reserve of actual dollars, people would rush to withdraw their dollars from banks, precipitating a run. This fear is particularly concerning given Argentina’s current economic situation, where […]

The original version of this post is co-authored with Emilio Ocampo. In 1976, the renowned economist Robert Lucas (1937-2023) introduced a thought-provoking paper that reshaped economic analysis. Lucas argued against relying solely on historical data to predict the outcomes of changes in economic policy, particularly when dealing with aggregate variables like consumption and investment. According to […]

  Alfredo Arízaga, who served as the Minister of Finance during Ecuador’s dollarization, offers insights on a key topic discussed in former President Jamil Mahuad’s book, “Así dolarizamos Ecuador” (translated as “How We Dollarized Ecuador”). Some have questioned whether dollarization was simply a response to the economic crisis of 1999. Arízaga firmly believes it was […]

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