Ospelt AG

Ospelt AG | A Leader in Catering  –  For years Ospelt AG has been one of the leading catering providers in the Liechtenstein and Eastern Switzerland region. The range of services includes corporate catering as well as party services. Modern and elaborate Catering and operational concepts guarantee optimized planning, smooth processing, excellent cuisine and an unique ambience. The Mission Statement since 2005:

  • Positioning:  We are the catering professionals in the region, leading in communal feeding and catering.
  • Service:  We want to fascinate the client with flexibility and affection
  • Quality:  We ensure constant quality at best prices
  • Cost effectiveness:  Profitability combined with solid growth is driving our company
  • Treating guests/Clients/Suppliers:  We are cultivating a trustworthy and reliable partnership
  • Leadership:  We are leading through responsibility, promoting through competence and pursuing a transparent communication
  • Employees:  Competent, focused employees are forming our dynamic team.

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