Michael Leube – The Free Way to Serfdom

Anthropologist Michael Leube talks about the ethical perils of social media algorithms and proposes the need to think about regulations.

Is a Spectre still haunting Central Europe? Reflections of an Eyewitness

The 14th International Gottfried von Haberler Conference took place on May 25, 2018 in Vaduz, at the University of Liechtenstein. Topic: “Karl Marx: Born 1818 and Still Going Strong?” – German: “Karl Marx: Mythos und Realität.” Support of the University of Liechtenstein and multiple local and international sponsors was gratefully acknowledged.

Interview with Carlos Gebauer

When Naive Presumptions prompt Hasty Judgments: On the Benefits and Problems of Genetic Engineering

Philipp Batthyány – Liberalismus oder Sozialismus als Zukunftsfrage der Menschheit

A paper presented at the XIV. International Gottfried von Haberler Conference, organised by the European Center of Austrian Economics Foundation.

University of Liechtenstein, Vaduz, 26.05.2018.

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