Henrique Schneider

This article was first published at TheMarketForIdeas.com. It explains in broad strokes the content of the Paris Agreement and the Decision by which it was adopted. It, then, annotates them and complements the annotations by asking further questions. This article serves as institutional memory – it has been written by an active negotiator of the […]

China ist zumindest wirtschaftlich gestärkt aus der Corona-Krise herausgekommen. Wer dem Reich der Mitte eine Strategie unterstellt, liegt nicht falsch. Die Strategie heisst: Krisenbewältigung …

Around the world, productivity growth has been slowing. In developed economies, productivity has risen by less than 1 percent annually for several years. Suddenly, in the first two quarters of 2020, amid the Covid-19 crisis, it surged. Surprisingly, most developed economies witnessed an increase in productivity by more than 10 percent; some by more than […]

Versteckte News: Rasanter Anstieg der Produktivität – Essay von Prof. Henrique Schneider …

Environmental, Social and Governance heisst der neue Hype in der Finanzwelt. Was immer gemeint ist: Hauptsache Reibach …

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