Thorsten Hens

Thorsten Hens (D/CH) studied economics at the University of Bonn and at DELTA in Paris. He was prof. of Economic Theory at the University of Bielefeld (D), at Paris 1, and also was Visiting Professor at Stanford University. Hens specialized in Behavioral- and Evolutionary Finance and is among Europe’s top 10 finance professors. Currently he teaches Financial Economics at the University of Zurich, is Head of the Swiss Banking Institute in Zurich, as well an Adjunct Professor of Finance at the “Norwegian Business School” in Bergen (N). Since 2001, Hens is also Fellow and Scientific Coordinator of the National Center of Competence in Research and NCCR-Fin Risk. His work concentrates on behavioral finance, trading strategies and the evolution of financial innovations. Hens directs “BhFS” (Behavioral Finance Solutions), a company that implements research results. Among his numerous publications, mention can only be made to his most important books, Grundzüge der analytischen Mikroökonomie (2008), and Behavioral Finance in Private Banking (2008), and his essays on “Globally Evolutionary Stable Portfolio Rules” or “Strategic Asset Allocation and Market Timing: A Reinforcement Learning Approach”.

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