Kurt R. Leube

Kurt R. Leube (A/USA) studied law and economics and is Professor of Economics (emeritus) and Research Fellow (emeritus) at Stanford University’s Hoover Institution. Internationally recognized as Friedrich A. von Hayek’s (Nobelprize 1974) closest disciple and collaborator, Leube was awarded several prizes and specialized in Austrian Economics, Social and Political Philosophy and the History of Economic Thought. Currently he serves as founding Academic Director of the European Center of Austrian Economics Foundation (ECAEF) and also lectures at the Liechtenstein Academy Foundation (LAF). In addition Leube holds recurrent guest professorships at various international universities, e.g. at LUISS ‘Guido Carli’ in Rome (I). Among his numerous publications his The Essence of Hayek and his The Essence of Friedman became classics.

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