XVIII Gottfried von Haberler Conference


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16. International Vernon Smith Prize

The Rule of Law. It’s Meaning and Purpose

Award Ceremony: Photo coverage

Over 80 million Americans purchased debt securities sold at a discount by the federal government during World War II. Called war bonds, the securities raised over $180 billion in revenue, helping finance the U.S. war effort without raising taxes to unpopular levels and also keeping inflation at bay. Will Europe follow the same path?


Our Mission is to spread the word about Austrian School of Economics and the works of it’s founders. See for yourself how implementing those principles can change your organisation for better.

Diesen Newsletter begann ich auf der mehrstündigen Rückfahrt nach Wien von der alljährlich stattfindenden Gottfried von Haberler-Konferenz des ECAEF in Vaduz zu schreiben.


Amid one of the most challenging geopolitical tensions in decades, there is a return to gold as a neutral reserve asset.


Press release on 18. Gottfried von Haberler Conference 2024. For all those, who were not able to join us at Liechtenstein University this time.


Developing housing and office space regardless of demand can raise nominal growth rates nicely, but policymakers in China, the U.S. and Europe are discovering a catch.


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