Jacques Rueff Conference

Mark your Calendar: Jacques Rueff Conference in Monaco

The Collapse of the Welfare State – Will the End of a Daydream Turn into a Nightmare? The I. International Jacques Rueff Conference in Monaco will be an academic one-day Conference, organized and hosted by CEPROM (Center of Economic Research for Monaco, MC) in co-operation with ECAEF (European Center of Austrian Economics Foundation, FL) … Continue reading -> Rueff Conference

Monetary Voodoo

by Prince Michael of Liechtenstein

The governors of the European Central bank met on December 2 and decided to make a further small reduction in already negative lending rates, while extending their bond purchasing program by another six months to March 2017. In its unsuccessful way, the ECB is trying to resolve a trilemma … Continue reading -> GIS Statements

Terrorism and the money-trail mirage

by Prince Michael of Liechtenstein

French investigators suspect that the perpetrators of the November 2015 terrorist attacks in Paris used prepaid debit cards to cover their expenses. New measures will be proposed by the European Commission next month to make it harder to finance such operations … Continue Reading ->  GIS Statements

Semantic Traps

Semantic Traps:
Politics with Loaded Terms

PERC, Liechenstein Academy, and ECAEF have teamed up to organize a seminar on “Semantic Traps: Politics with Loaded Terms”. Details including the agenda are listed below. If you are interested in finding out more about the seminar, contact co-directors, Terry Anderson or Kurt Leube. Seminar Date: June 9-11, 2016. Location: Freudenfels Castle at Lake Constance, Eschenz, Switzerland … Continue reading -> Semantic Traps

VSP 2015

Vernon Smith Prize Winners

Vaduz (FL), Jan 24, 2016. The international jury of the VSP finally came to a conclusion and is delighted to announce the winners: The 1. Prize goes to Daniel W. Issing (Germany), the 2. Prize to Demelza Hays (USA), and the 3. Prize to Mats Ekmann (Finnland). Heartfelt congratulations! Their profiles and essays will be posted after the winners have defended their papers at a special festive event on February 15, 2016 in Vaduz …   Continue Reading ->  VIP 2015

A Prince on Politics

A Prince on Politics

by Kurt Leube

“The State in the Third Millennium” is a remarkable work. Elegantly written by a historian who is simultaneously a head of state, politician, successful international businessman, world famous art collector, and leading philanthropist, it will doubtless provoke some frank debates. After much research and historical study of the concepts, purposes, and limitations of the state, Prince Hans-Adam II, the reigning prince of Liechtenstein, has published a work of critical importance … Continue reading -> A Prince on Politics

Migration labor and the welfare state

Migration, labor and the welfare state

The great economist Milton Friedman, a proponent of migration, once said that you can have either open borders or a welfare state, but you cannot have both. Immigrants can be accepted in large numbers as long as they work and are self-sustaining. If they are not, they become premature recipients of welfare, without ever having contributed, writes Prince Michael of Liechtenstein …   Continue Reading ->  GIS

A Flood of Immigrants

by Pedro Schwartz

Quite some years ago, when I was a very liberal young man writing a doctoral dissertation on John Stuart Mill, I asked my supervisor Lionel Robbins what he thought of the restrictions newly introduced on immigration by the then Conservative government. Robbins answered with another question: … Continue reading -> A Flood of Immigrants

In memoriam Juan Carlos Cachanosky

by Kurt Leube

With the untimely death of Juan Carlos Cachanosky (13. 10. 1953 – 31. 12. 2015) we have not only lost a very dear and reliable friend. We have also lost a brilliantly insightful and resolute free-market scholar who managed to get so many things right and who could explain real world economic behavior with incision and clarity … Continue Reading ->  Juan Carlos Cachanosky

Europas Wertegemeinschaft ist ein Wieselwort

Europas Wertegemeinschaft ist ein Wieselwort

von Frank Schäffler

Europa droht zu zerfallen – und die EU-Kommission beschäftigt sich mit einer Kerzen-Verordnung und einem Kerzen-Verbot. Aber geredet wird von europäischen Werten. Weiter können Sprüche und Wirklichkeit nicht auseinander-fallen. Erst durch konkrete Institutionen werden europäische Werte fassbar … Weiterlesen -> Europas Wertegemeinschaft

Let Rwandans decide

Let Rwandans decide whether to stick with success

In a referendum last week on their country’s constitution, the people of Rwanda overwhelmingly approved an amendment that changed presidential term limits. The new rules mean that 58-year-old President Paul Kagame can run again for the presidency in 2017, and could theoretically serve until 2034, writes Prince Michael of Liechtenstein in his latest GIS publication …   Continue Reading ->  GIS


Populism and government greed jeopardise rule of law

In an alarming trend, individuals, companies and institutions that have committed no crime are increasingly finding themselves subject to public witch-hunts on ill-defined ‘ethics’ charges. The practice is gaining traction in several countries, though it remains unclear who has the authority to rule what behaviour is ethical and what is not, writes Prince Michael of Liechtenstein in his latest GIS publication …

Continue Reading ->  Populism and government greed

Haberler Conference 2016

Haberler Conference 2016 | Program revealed

The conference program for the XII. International Gottfried von Haberler Conference 2016 has been revealed. Topic: “Central Banks, Fiscal Policy and the Betrayed Citizen” – German translation: “Über Zentralbanken, Schuldenpolitik und den geprellten Bürger”. Find more details about each of the three planned sessions right here:

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Ukraine: Light at the End of the Tunnel

Anthony de Jasay Prize Winner

Not only in celebration of Anthony de Jasay’s 90th birthday, but foremost in appreciation of his seminal and exceptional works on defending individual liberty by challenging the legitimacy of states and unchecked ‘democratic’ governments, the ECAEF has established the “ECAEF Prize for Thinkers for the 3rd Millennium”. …

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After Paris, Europe needs to face reality in the Middle East

After Paris, Europe needs to face reality in the Middle East

The world has witnessed several ghastly terrorist attacks in the past month. All are believed to have been carried out by a militant Islamist movement that calls itself Islamic State, or by its affiliates, writes Prince Michael of Liechtenstein. On October 10, two suicide bombers killed 102 peace demonstrators and injured more than 400 in front of the central railway station in Ankara, the Turkish capital. On October 31, a Russian airliner …   Continue Reading ->  GIS