Our Experts

ECAEF is proud of being supported by various experts thru essays, comments, thoughts and opinions:

  Dario Antiseri   Dario Antiseri (Rome):
Philosophy, Methodology, Ethics
  Carl Baudenbacher   Carl Baudenbacher (St. Gallen/Luxembourg):
European Law, European Legislation
  Erhard Busek   Erhard Busek (Vienna):
Eastern European Politics, Austrian Politics
  Thorsten Hens   Thorsten Hens (Zurich):
Banking and Finance, Financial Economics 
  Anthony de Jasay   Anthony de Jasay (Paluel):
Social Philosophy
  Kurt Leube Kurt R. Leube (Stanford, CA):
History of Thought, Austrian School of Economics
  Vernon Smith   Vernon Smith (Fairfax, VA):
Experimental Economics, Behavioral Economics
  Pedro Schwartz   Pedro Schwartz (Madrid):
European Monetary Policy, Pension Reform